Who am I?
Eric Nicloux is a certified coach and image consultant based in Lyon. He helps his clients to imagine their ideal of life and set up concrete actions to reach it.
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My story…

I was born in Nice (France) in 1982. I studied arts, communication and language at university, then I moved to Paris where I entered into the “Cours Florent” famous acting school in order to be an actor. During several years, I had a life of theatre, danse and artistic meetings.

Then my wish to discover the world drove me to be an Air France flight attendant. The first year was wonderful and carefree. It was all about discovering the world…

But, just one year after my hiring, a dramatic accident hit the company and changed everything. Traumatized, like all my colleagues, I was overwhelmed with fear. It took several faces: stress, anger, sadness, lack of motivation

I made every effort seeking solutions to come through the situation: books, sophrology, yoga, kinesiology, hypnosis… But in spite of an increased well-being, I faced a hang-up that nothing seemed to overtake. What was the reason that gave me so much trouble, compare to others?

An awareness and a rebirth

Until one day, helped by a friend who was a coach, I finally understood. This accident had revived feelings and thoughts that I had buried deep inside me when I started flying. In order to jump at the fantastic opportunity to discover the world, I had kept silent my trouble with confinement, about wearing the uniform, about sacrificing sleep, about being a number lost in thousands…

Things were finally clear: from the beginning, I just chose the wrong job.

I had no choice. I had to ear the warning and to respect myself, or the outcome would be dramatic. By a long work of personal development, I got to know myself better, aware of my emotions, reviewing my desires, keeping in my mind that I was about to change everything and start over again.

I gave my uniform back and left this great job that brought me so much, in order to be coherent with my personality, according to my needs and my values: be independant and feeling useful to others.

Then I learned tools and techniques of coaching. I perfectly know the feelings of fear, shame and guilt that you have to face, when you are in front of a dead-end situation. So it was important to me to help men and women to go into change when it’s difficult but necessary.

A certified coach and image consultant in Lyon

Now I live in Lyon. As a certified Coach (French Registry of Professional Certifications / Standard 1 (France), Standard 7 (Europe)), member of the french coaches association « Carrefour Français des Coachs Certifiés » (Certified Coaches French Crossroads), my mission is to help you to overcome your fears and your beliefs in order to imagine your  ideal of life, and set up concrete actions to accomplish it.

I am also a certified image consultant. In this context, I can help you to reveal your personality and improve your communication by highlighting your image. Because it’s an essential aspect to get a better self-confidence and well-being.

My watchwords : Imagine & Act


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