Certified life coach and coach at work, Image consultant, Eric Nicloux helps you to move forward and bring out the best of yourself. Expert in life coaching, coaching at work and image consulting.
Coaching, Personal fulfillment, Help, Motivation, Self-confidence, Engagement, Actions, Objectives, Imagine, Act, Image consulting, Fashion, Style, Hair, Make-up, Colors
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Who am I?

Discover how a very uncomfortable and hopeless situation drove me to change everything in my life and start over again. My mission: help people who feel stuck or who suffocate because of one aspect of their life to break their chains.

Life coaching

Do you have the feeling sometimes that you are not the best version of yourself? Do you feel frustrated because you have not accomplished some things? If you could start over again, would you change some aspects of your existence?

Image consulting

Do you have the feeling that your image doesn’t reflect your personality? Do you note sometimes that your friends end family doesn’t really seem to know you? Would you like to change the way that you are perceived by strangers at first sight?