Image consulting
Image consulting is a precious assistance if you want to improve your communication in your personal or professional life, assert yourself in a period of changes.
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Do you have the feeling that your image doesn’t reflect your personality? Would you like to change the way strangers see you at first sight, or modify your image in order to start over again after big changes in your life? Are you interested in being more seductive or charismatic?

Image consulting is the solution!

When you talk to your interlocutor, your image gives informations which permits him to make a quick idea about you in few seconds. This fact conditions the way he will receive your words: are you a reliable person? Are you trying to seduce him? Can we trust you? This is true in all the areas of your life, social, professional or personal.

Therefore, controling your image in order to improve your communication is essential.

Being fully aware of your flaws, in order to ease them, as far as your assets, in order to highlight them, to choose the colors that beautify you, to develop your style… Here are some keys to improve your communication, self confidence and quality of life.

Colors, fashion style, morphology, make-up, hairstyle…

As a certified coach and image consultant (French Registry of Professional Certifications / Standard 1 (France), Standard 7 (European)), my mission will consist in helping you to find the style that matches with your personality and your goals.

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Are you looking for a personal image consultant in Lyon?