Life coaching
Life coaching is a personalized support which helps to get concrete and measurable results in personal and/or professional life. It's a step by step process which will help you to look back over your life, to define a precise goal, be aware of your hang-ups in order to eliminate or get around them. I am based in Lyon.
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eric nicloux, personnal coaching


What would you say about revealing your real potential?

Do you have the feeling sometimes that you are « wasting » yourself? Do you feel frustrated because you have not accomplished some things yet? If you could start over again, would you change some aspects of your life? Are you subjected to unexplained melancholy? Do you go through episodes of sadness, irritation or discouragement, without no reason? Do you suffer a sense of guilt, or a fear of abandonment?

Break yourself of those brakes that spoil your existence

Coaching is the solution that will get you to increase your knowledge about yourself and to look back over your priorities. You will improve your self-confidence and get a renewed energy. So you’ll be able to take the decisions necessary to your well-being, but always postponed to « a later date ».

« Changing is not to become someone else;
it’s to become who you are and to accept it »
Jacques Salomé

Coaching is not about analyzing problems, it’s about resolving them

Following a present-to-future dynamic, coaching is a step by step process which will help you to look back over your life, to define a precise goal, be aware of your hang-ups in order to eliminate or get around them.

As a certified coach, I will be your mirror. This interactivity between us will help you to develop and maintain your motivation, getting you some concrete and spectacular results.

A coaching process takes 10 to 12 sessions.

Get the keys of self-confidence

You deserve to become the person that you’ve always wanted to be, in agreement with your values, your needs and your ambitions.

« If you can imagine it, you can achieve it.
If you can dream it, to can become it »
William Arthur Ward

Informations and fares: click here.

The coaching code of ethics

The coaching process is surrounded by a written contract, following the legal rules of provision of services.

As a certified coach and image consultant (French Registry of Professional Certifications / European 6 Degree), I am engaged in a continuous improvement (meetings, conferences, seminars and regular forming), in order to update my knowledge and guarantee a high level of quality to my clients.

Moreover, I am committed in a supervising process to serve my clients interests for the best.